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Step 1: Admitting You Have A Problem
Step 1: Admitting You Have  A Problem
I don't know why I do it and I don't know how it started. All I can say is that I do it and I can finally admit that I have a problem. What is that problem? Intensely craving food. I imagine you are asking yourself how that is a problem or even telling yourself that I am crazy, as everyone craves food. While this is true, I don't think you understand the severity at which I crave it. It is unnatural and often times gets me into major trouble, legal trouble even. You see, I always tend to crave food that is unavailable to me for one reason or another. It is when I am living within that moment that I will do just about anything to satisfy that craving.
Now when it comes to drug addiction, alcoholism, food addiction, hoarding, and pretty much any other type of problem that may fall along those lines, they always say that the first step to recovery is to admit that you have a problem. So here I am. I have a problem and I want to stop. They al
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My Way Home
My Way Home
The world was falling down around him...literally. The ground shook, the buildings began to crumble and he could hear people all around him, shouting out and crying. Little did he know the end of the world was approaching fast. An apocalypse the he never could have seen coming, nor did he entirely understand it, was right on his heels. There was only one thing for him to do, so he just kept running as fast has his four legs would carry him.
Rewind to earlier that morning and he was just a pampered pooch to one of New York's inhabitants of Park Avenue, relishing in his family's affections. He never doubted that he was loved as he was fed expensive food, groomed, patted often and had a rather expensive collar around his next. Never in all of his three years as a pomeranian did he ever question his worth or is value to his family...that is until today, when the world around him began to fall and his beloved family left...without him.
Feeling confused and abandoned, he huddled
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Under the City Lights
Under the City Lights
The night is finally over as I step out of the bar in the Upper East Side of New York City, where I have been working as a bartender for the past six months. The air that envelops me is cool and I bundle up my jacket a little tighter. The air chills my lungs and I can see my breath as I breathe. It even smells cold out. All around me the streetlights are shining against the backdrop of city lights that shine all around me. With the sky so black, the city lights almost look like stars, with me in the middle of the universe, making me feel alive, even through my fatigue. The icy, cracked pavement below my feet is familiar, a route that I take five nights a week as I head toward the subway down on 103rd street.
I carefully make my way down the stairs, underground where the cool wind no longer reaches, careful not to fall on the ice that has frozen onto the first few steps. I get there just in time as the uptown 4 line pulls up to the station. I get on, taking the fir
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It was just another normal night. Robin was out on patrol, making sure all stayed quiet. He wasn't out there looking for criminal masterminds like Slade or Red X, but rather making sure everyone made it home safely.
Though the team wasn't too fond of Robin going off on his own patrols, he lived for it. It reminded him of being back in Gotham, only here, get could do things the way he wanted. At first, Robin would sneak out of the tower two or three nights a week. It wasn't long before the team found out and they weren't happy, to say the least. After some argument and lots of discussion, it was agreed that he could go out, as long as he promised to call if anything more than a petty crime came up. He had promised and didn't intend to go back on that.
Robin sat perched on the ledge of a nearby building, only about three stories up. The night had so far been uneventful and peaceful. The air out was perfect, not too hot, not too chilly...perfect spring night on the coast. He had been out
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Here We Go Again
Shit! Shit! Shit!
He was going to be late...again! Why was he always late?
"You're late." Jinx commented, walking away from the Pizza Parlor and past the yellow blur that skidded to a halt.
"I can explain! You see, there was a bank robbery and hostages! My uncle and I had to..."
"Save it," Jinx said, putting her hand in the speedster's face and she continued to walked past him.
Kid Flash sped back up to her side, walking along side her, hands up in defense. "Listen, I'll make it up to you, let me take you out!"
"What so you can show up late again? That is, if you show up at! Go home." And with he watched her walk down the street, towards her apartment.
Kid Flash sighed and turned around prepared to go home when a thought hit him. He knew how to fix this!
Eight minutes later and he was standing in front of her door with a dozen roses in his hand, just like the one he had given to her back when they had first met, before they had started dating and before they had started fighting
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Linkin Park by ChibiLauryn Linkin Park :iconchibilauryn:ChibiLauryn 23 4 Saints. by ChibiLauryn Saints. :iconchibilauryn:ChibiLauryn 22 4 Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett by ChibiLauryn Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett :iconchibilauryn:ChibiLauryn 415 42 RX8 by ChibiLauryn RX8 :iconchibilauryn:ChibiLauryn 0 0
A Moment In Love
A smile...
A glance...
A touch...
A language all its own
Telling a story
Singing a song
That goes on forever
Never ending, never dieing
Two companions...
Two friends...
Two lovers...
A world all their own
Sharing a life
Locked in a moment
That goes on forever
Full of hopes and fears
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Let Me Sleep
I remember the day you were born
It feels like yesterday, but I know better.
So fragile you were, so beautiful.
I could look down on you forever so as not to miss a thing.
Oh what I wouldn't give just to hold you once again.
In my arms to snuggle close or at my side to watch you dream.
I dream of you every time I sleep
I dream of another "I love you"
Another kiss upon your forehead.
When I awake, reality hits
And all I want is sleep so I can see you once again.
Your sisters send their love and wish you to be well
I told them you were peaceful, as I know you are
But yet, I can't help but ache and miss you all the same
My darling baby girl, you left us much too soon
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What Have I Done?
A blood stained blade
Falling from my wrist
A life full of angst
A story with a twist
I was happy once
Making angels in the snow
But now I'm emotionless
Not letting anything show
I relive my past
And now it's not so sad
I think I've made a mistake
Oh my God, this is really bad
What have I done?
I've been so blind
I no longer want this
I've changed my mind
My vision grows dark
I can no longer fight
I can't think of anything
Besides my wretched plight
It can't be too late
It's not my time
Somebody help me
Hear my pleading rhyme
I'm feeling really dizzy
And very confused
My world is falling apart
Tell me, what do I do
Now my head is spinning
And I can't remember my name
I can't remember anything
Except that I'm to blame
I know I've done something
Started a battle that can't be won
What has gone wrong
What have I done?
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Red Rocks
Every morning the sun peaks over the Rockies
Burning the Garden of the Gods
And welcoming a new day
As if on fire the rocks radiate with passion
Awakening The Kissing Camels
Demanding their be presence known to the world
A seductive sight that screams for attention
Enticing those looking for a challenge
Leaving inspiration in its shadow
Just another dawn
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Don't Hold My Hand
Thank you.
For always being there for me
caring for me, by my side
not only picking me up when I fall
but not letting me fall
shielding me from the harsh world
things I don't need to see
need to do, or hear
you gave me everything
my morals, my beliefs
teaching me right from wrong
you support my every decision
laugh at every joke
always watching out for me
and I thank you
Please don't.
I wish you wouldn't
I know you thought it for the best
wanted to give me everything you could
I love you for your intentions
but hate you for it too, I don't mean that
I take that back
you're wonderful
you mean so much to me
but I'm unhappy
and I don't blame you......mostly
you meant well
and I thank you
Please back off!
I've become much too dependent
I can't do anything for myself
I feel so vulnerable, helpless
I hate feeling so lost
all the time
in every situation
I'm haunted by my paranoia
I'm tired of living in fear of everything
sometimes I think I'm loosing my mind
wondering how I'll m
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Lauren Epler
United States
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